We are unique in that we encompass the health of a person along with their financial ability before we determine any housing options. This review includes:

  • Long-term care insurance

  • Savings and investments

  • Health status and future needs

  • Lifestyle and Location preferences  



As a Broker, we are able to recommend any company that can best serve you at any time as this changes often.



I work with Kathy Shoaf, RN, BSN, ATP to provide either custom trips for seniors or travel on one of our special cruises.  Call or email for details as this changes frequently.


We provide free resources for the senior community.


Rosanne Angel

President, Founder of Golden Benefits

Rosanne Angel is a Senior Care Consultant who helps families in a crisis dealing with parents or loved ones. If I can't help you personally, I know who can.  All of my services including consultation, referrals, and senior housing placement are complementary.

Golden Benefits was founded in 1995